Anxiety, depression and confidence issues.

Anxiety, depression and confidence issues.

What help is there available? 

When trying to address a psychological issue, there are different methods used for treatment. This can be confusing to some who want the best treatment to help alleviate their fear. Understanding which type of treatment is right for you starts with an understanding of what Counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy do and their differences.

Information taken from clients that I've seen. 


This is a traditional form of therapy that is primarily designed to identify the source of the unwanted feeling or behaviour, so the effect is lessened but not always dispelled, but the person can hopefully retain some control. Counselling provides methods for the patient to address what is not required and focus on other areas so that it can be possibly changed in a more positive direction.This can take many sessions and results may help slightly but only temporary as the original issue has not been found and resolved completely. 

Sessions required - unlimited


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)  is an action-oriented approach that is designed to try and curb the unwanted fear, behaviour, or symptom conciously. The issue will always be there in the subconscious mind, but if new thoughts are being taught and used in a better way, then it may not effect the person suffering as much. The original issue is difficult to change conciously and may rise again quite often. 

Sessions required between approx 8 - 20

Waiting time approx (NHS) 6 - 18 months. 


Hypnotherapy has been around for many centuries and has been used to address all types of fears, unwanted behaviours, and reactions by going straight to the issue that's in the subconscious mind and changing it for a happier, better & more healthier memory. All this is done in a total confidential way, as I work by the same ethics as doctors and care workers, but the best thing of all you'll find it's so relaxing too. 

For example, if a person suffers from anxiety, depression or lack of confidence, hypnotherapy helps the client to alter the original issue that's causing these symptoms, which results in the person not suffering anymore. 

Remember you're not born scared of spiders, you've actually taught your subconscious mind to be scared of them by seeing someone else being affected/scared of them usually. Hypnotherapy helps you to change that issue/symptom.

Sessions required between approx 1-2

Quick update :

Counselling : Many sessions with lower results and also prescribed medication given by GPS to try and help matters until help is given. 

CBT: Many sessions, long waiting lists and again lower permenant results, and usually having prescribed medication until eventually being seen too. 

Hypnotherapy : usually only 1 session required with greater results and no waiting lists or medication. 

Many of my clients have said they have already tried counselling & CBT and stopped going after a couple of sessions, as they said it didn't work for them. The GP's hear those clients didn't come back and think it actually worked for them, there is never any feedback chased either to find out the truth, so they keep putting more suffers on the same waiting lists and medication too..I've heard they just haven't got the time, money or resources to really look into things further. 

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Stop smoking once and for all!

New years resolution? Smoking & Vaping cessation

Stop Smoking

Have you tried to stop smoking/vaping on your own? 

Found yourself climbing the walls, unable to say no? 

Got really stressed and gave in? 

Have you been smoking for years and now Vaping too? 

Whatever your reasons for not being able to stop hypnotherapy can help you to give up smoking/vaping.

1 hour Single session cost £60  plus free Mp3 to keep. 

As with anything we want to give up, we have to want to change and it does require  willpower and motivation. 

However it has been proven that with hypnotherapy you are at least 5 to 15 times more likely to succeed than by willpower alone.  

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking" - New Scientist ( vol 136)

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Use hypnotherapy to help you to become free you from smoking  forever. 

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Stop smoking hypnotherapy near you Bagworth Leicestershire - quit - take healthy options now

Stop smoking hypnotherapy near you Bagworth Leicestershire - quit - take healthy options now