Kinesiology - 60-90 minutes £60


A Kinesiologist can tap into your subconscious mind through your muscles to find anything blocking you from either mental, emotional or physical health.  We should be balanced with all of these but with modern day life we become blocked and dis-jointed leading to illness and emotional problems, like depression and anxiety.  Your subconscious mind stores all you experiences, thoughts and feelings you've ever had through your life time, all the information about you even your genetic information.  Kinesiology is accessing this information by testing your muscle response.  Muscles are wired up to your nervous and meridian system which are 12 lines of energy flow that runs around your body which is what they use in acupuncture.  Your emotions and memory are stored not just in your brain but throughout your body, concentrating in your organs so, heart-joy, liver-anger, kidneys-fear. By testing the muscle strength connecting to these meridian and nerve pathways a Kinesiologist can detect the location of this energy in your body and nervous system.  You will hold a position with your muscle, normally in the arms or legs to find a strong or weak muscle reaction when lighty pushed against it.  Because your subconscious knows everything that has and is going on in your body it will answer in the muscle reaction, strong or weak - yes or no. The kidney and bladder meridian is where anxiety is stored, so when you become anxious this blocks and stops energy flowing to the other organs and muscles along that meridian.  By detecting a weak muscle response the Kinesiologist will know there's a blockage in the meridian relating to it.  By further testing on this weak muscle it can be detected why this meridian is blocked either structural, nutritional, emotional or electrical.  Once the issue is found the Kineisologist can work on correcting by clearing the meridians and lymphatics, holding certain points on the head, feet and hands, testing for nutritional options, releasing emotional issues etc.  Once resolved the meridian will become unblocked and energy will then flow and the tested muscle will now test strong.  In Kinesiology it recognises the human form as a whole, of body, emotions, mind and spirit and reacts and thinks as a single unit.  A pain in your back may not be coming from bad posture but something completely different.  We are deeply intelligent and conscious beings which are self healing once we are in a natural unblocked flow.

Your first session will normally be a 30 minute consultation FREE of charge. The next session will be 60-90 minutes of treatment which will be carried out in our relaxing therapy room.   I do recommend that you wear comfortable clothing where you can move your arms and legs easily in while you are being tested.

Kinesiology 60-90 mins

Also through Kinesiology you can be tested for allergies and intolerances.  This is quick and simple, again by just testing a muscle response, no needles or long waiting lists to find out if you have an intolerance to something which can be very stressful and add to ill health and your well-being. We currently have over 250 food, drink, animal and pollen allergy testing vials which you will hold in your hand whilst a muscle response is tested.  For more information on this treatment please contact us with your allergy or intolerance concerns or if you want to have tests for the main intolerance culprits such as wheat, dairy, etc.  You can also bring along your own brands from your normal diet to have them checked against you. You can also bring along any toilietries, make-up, washing powders etc. that you may think is affecting you and would like tested against. It is usually best we have a quick chat before your appointment so I can get an idea of what your symptoms are, your normal daily diet etc. this can be done over the phone or if you would rather just pop in to Maradels for a free consultation that will be fine.

Your Kinesiology session will take place in our relaxing therapy room and the only clothing you will need to remove will be your shoes.  For more information or any questions on this please message us, we will be happy to help.

Hay Fever/Intolerance Correction approx 60 min sessions -£20

The allergic reaction of Hay Fever happens because the body doesn't recognise the pollen entering the system and treats it like a foreign particle, so then producing the nasty symptoms which are doing their best to rid your body of it because it thinks its under attack.

With some quick and simple Kinesiology testing I can find which of the pollens are affecting you and in most cases I can correct the body's messaging system so it then recognises the pollen particles and your body doesn't have the nasty reactions.  This is all done with muscle testing and tapping of the body's energy points.  This can also be done for intolerances with animals/pets and sometimes food and other substances.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to come first for an intolerance testing session, see above, to establish which are the problem substances.  After these are confirmed we can make another appointment for the correction session.  

Message or call to book an appointment now before the Hay Fever hits you this year.

Your Kinesiology session will take place in our relaxing therapy room and the only clothing you will need to remove will be your shoes.  For more information or any questions on this please message us, we will be happy to help.

Energy Balance with Emotion Clearing & Goal Setting 60-90 mins £60

When the bodies energy, that runs around our aura and through our meridian lines gets blocked and stagnant it can create aches, pains, tension, anxiety, depression, stuck emotions, diseases etc. Meridian lines are the areas that acupucturists use but with Kinesiology there are no needles involved, just muscle testing, holding and tapping certain energy points and "running" the meridian lines. 

Once the energy flow is fixed I can clear past traumatic energy that has got stuck within the body and then go on to help with the goal setting or achieving higher self esteem. I may use Bach Flower Remedies at this point to help with the healing from the trauma or negative thinking to create a new mind set.

This is the treatment to have if you have any of the issues mentioned above or if you have a future event coming up that you are worried about, putting your mind and body in a positive energy set.

Emotional Energy Clearing


Approx 1 hr - £30

With each emotion comes energy because everything is made of energy, some of the lower, denser emotions can leave a lower vibrational energy that can get stuck as its not in flow with the frequency at the rest of your body's vibration.  With this treatment using Kinesiology muscle testing I can find out quickly which emotions are stuck within the body, some that you may not even remember having as they can go back to when you was very young and even in the womb.  Emotions can also get absorbed from other people around us, meaning an emotional situation didn't happen to you directly but you witnessed it, the emotions were so powerful that you can take on as your own.  A lot of the time we do not realise we have these trapped emotions but if left they can lead to aches, pains, ill health or disease. Also, most of us will have trapped emotion around our heart area where we can build a wall to protect ourselves from more emotional hurt and heart ache.  These trapped emotions are quick and easy to remove by just releasing it from the body's magnetic field via the main meridian Governing line.  Meridian lines are the body's energy channels which acupuncturist use, no needles are used in this therapy, it is released by passing a magnet over the meridian line.

If you have any questions regarding this therapy please do not hesitate to contact us.

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