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Name of the business: EQUILIBRIUM -  Your Path to Well-being  -

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Skills: Complementary & alternative therapies – various massage techniques starting with relaxation Swedish, Lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, hot stones – foot reflexology, facial rejuvenation massage&mask treatment, ultrasonic deep cleansing facial and neck treatment, facial cupping & hydration treatment, intensive foot care, hand and foot paraffin wax treatment.

Phone number: +34 711080706


Treatment list:

  1. Remedial Massage & Aromatherapy: A mild full body, relaxation massage treatment using light strokes techniques also known as effleurage, involving aromatherapy (the use of specific essential oils both topically and olfactory  - inhalation via diffuser);

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30.00 Euros

  1. Swedish Relaxation Massage: A relaxation treatment which involves all five basic massage strokes as following: effleurage ( connective&mild strokes), petrissage (kneading), friction (various intensity), tapotement ( percussion of the skin encouraging blood flow to awake the capillaries activity) and vibration ( muscle tissue relaxation)

Duration: 1 hour / Price  30.00 Euros

  1. Sport Injury Massage: A specific limited per injured area type of firm massage, involving deep tissue techniques, manipulation of muscles, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons in order to help maximise the recovery process;

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30 Euros

  1. Deep Tissue Massage: A firm and intense massage technique which targets chronic muscles tension far below the body’s surface. It involves very slow and deep strokes with direct pressure and friction on specific trigger points across the muscle grain.

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30 Euro

  1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage: A form of very gentle massage, using light strokes and pump (mild pressure like) movements throughout your lymphatic body map upwards your lymphatic nodes encouraging the lymph flow.

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30.00 Euros

  1. Hot Stones & Warm Coconut Oil Massage: A type of massage designed to help you relax and ease  tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body with the use of smooth, flat heated stones placed on specific areas and also moving them alongside the muscles using firm and/or light friction strokes. Equally beneficial in winter season as well as in Hot summer swapping the heat for ice cold stones.

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30 Euros

  1. Indian Head Neck & Shoulders Massage: Also known as champissage is a firm and energetic massage focused on cranial pressure points as well as neck and shoulders using circular strokes, stretches and friction. Fantastic results for migraines management,  sinuses issues, headaches and stress.

Duration: 45 mins / Price  25.00 Euros

  1. Foot Reflexology: Also known as zone therapy,  is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and it is done by using thumb,  fingers and hand massage techniques with or without the use of oils or lotions. It is believed to alleviate and help with stress and anxiety issues as well with circulation related matters. Each pressure point on the sole of the feet corresponding to a body part/or internal organ.

Duration: 45 min / Price 25.00 Euros

  1. Rejuvenating Facial & Head and Neck Massage: A gentle facial treatment using organic clay mud mask + vitamins C professional cosmetic serum complemented by a relaxing head, neck and shoulders soothing massage while the mask is doing its magic! Highly recommended in winter season, helps nourishing your skin.

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30 Euros

  1. Facial Massage & Exfoliating mask: A gentle facial organic exfoliating mask/scrub, fruit nourishing mask, followed by a facial massage using jojoba oil or rosehip oil and  use of vit C and retinol serums.

Duration: 1 hour / Price 30 Euros

  1. Ultrasonic deep cleansing facial and neck treatment: Ultrasonic facial therapy is a nourishing, anti-aging type of treatment.  It’s been scientifically proven that using the ultrasound waves it loosen and remove dead skin cells and restores the natural vibrancy by encouraging natural production of collagen. It is safe, doesn’t use chemicals, perfect for sun damaged skin, sensitive skin and acne prone skin. You will experience a gentle pressure,  no pain, sting, vibration,  noise or heat. It is extremely gentle and pleasant treatment on which facial gels or organic cactus hydrating tonic water will be used.

Duration: 1 hour ½   Price  50 Euros

  1. Facial cupping & hydration treatment: A facial alternative treatment that uses suction cups to stimulate your blood circulation which helps with cell repair, de puffing, regeneration and skin elasticity.  It is followed by an energetic facial massage using essential oils and vitamin serums for hydration.

Duration: 1 hour / Price  30 Euros

  1. L.E.D Light Facial Therapy : Medically proven to treat psoriasis, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, enhance wound healing process, reduce pain and ulcers as side effects of chemotherapy.

No trauma, no downtime, visible and long lasting results when booked 8 to12 sessions, booked as a stand alone treatment or as an add on to any other facial therapy except Ultrasonic deep facial cleanse.

Bespoke therapies available with accommodating prices.

Duration  approx. 1 hour /Price 15.00 Euros per session

Visible results only if courses varying between 6 to 12 sessions are followed.

  1. Dermaplaning : Gentle removal of facial hair also known as peach-fuzz or vellus hair, with the help of a razor like blade, it encourages skin cell renewal and leaves the face refreshed and more youthful.

Stand alone treatment which includes gentle antioxidant honey & lavender

facial cleanse and gentle facial organic jojoba oil massage.

Add on prior to any facial treatment available with Equilibrium (except Ultrasonic deep cleanse).

Bespoke treatments can be discuss to accommodate individual needs.

Duration: approx. 1 hour /Price Euros 30.00 + 20.00 for any add on facial (not compulsory!)

  1. Facial Gua Sha: A Gua Sha is a flat tool, made of semi-precious stone, that is used to massage the face. Even though the Gua Sha face tool has recently gone mainstream, it is a lot older than you think. This modern-day face scraping technique is based on a traditional Chinese healing practice known as Gua Sha. Gua means to stroke or press, and Sha refers to redness. According to early practitioners, the redness that is obtained through scraping encourages the skin to heal itself. While the modern-day Gua Sha practice is less intense, it will still leave you with a well-sculpted face along with other remarkable results!

What you'll get: - gentle facial cleanse with organic natural products

                             - facial exfoliation with aloe vera & lactic acid pads

                             - Gua Sha facial massage using Jade Chinese traditional tools

                               and Organic Jojoba oil and serums.

Duration: approx. 70 mins./ Price  40.00 Euros


16. Hand and/or foot paraffin wax treatment: It is a type of heat therapy highly recommended by the doctors to help conditions such arthritis and rheumatism.  Also helps with skin conditions as various eczema types, cracked dry skin,  psoriasis etc. The procedure is as simple as covering the hands or feet with molten paraffin wax. It is safe and pleasant treatment, paraffin wax melting temperature being quite low there’s very little risk of burning. It is followed by a gentle hands and arms / feet and lower leg soothing massage & aromatherapy.

Duration: between 30 mins up to 1 hour ( if both hands and feet are treated) / Price 20 Euros for either hands or feet or 30 for both.

17. Intensive foot care: A personalised clinical pedicure with calluses, dead & hardened skin removal, ingrown nail and verruca treatment. Moisturising natural creams and oils, foot and lower leg massage.

Duration: 2 hrs / Price 40 Euros



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