Future Life Progression

Hypnotic projection is the opposite of regression and means projecting the mind into the future to see what will be, or what is likely to be.

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
-chinese Proverb


Journey forward to 10, 25, 50 and 100 years ahead.

Is your life stuck in a rut?

Are you on your preferred career path or need advice from your future self to help to find your dream job?

Questions about relationships and money and much more....

Would you be interested in seeing your best possible future?
Hypnotic projection is the opposite of regression and means projecting the mind into the future to see what will be, or what is likely to be. If this sounds a bit farfetched to you, remember that the mind can move not only backwards and forwards in time but sideways as well.

There are many forms of linking into the potential of your future. Meditation can help you to relax your mind, and body, so that you are able to expand your consciousness and seek thoughts and possibilities. Future Life Progression allows you to glimpse beyond the realm of your own imagination.


What Is Future Life Progression?

Future Life Progression – or FLP for short – is a waking dream therapy. It is a form of hypnosis that relaxes you into a deep, yet alert state, that also opens your mind to the potential you have at your fingertips. Unlike Past Life Regression, that concentrates on your personal history and how certain events in your life, or past lives, have shaped your beliefs and circumstances in the present day, Future Life Progression takes you forward in time to a place where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your own creation and the paths you choose to examine.

FLP can also take you on a journey into next life or future lives, and doing so can provide you with a wealth of insight and knowledge.


What Can Future Life Progression Do for You?

If you now feel your life is on hold or you have tried, and failed to remove personal blocks and obstacles Future Life Progression can provide you with the tools to make renewed headway.

You may have already cleared some restrictions and now need clarity to build your confidence and move forward in the direction that most appeals to you.

That is where FLP can help you make better choices and help you explore other options.

Future Life Progression will also allow you to see how your life may work out with these new options you choose to make, as well as the people you share your life with and the location that it all takes place in.


What Happens During A Session?

During a session, that is rather like hypnotherapy, the I will talk you through relaxation steps that allow your body to become naturally deeply relaxed. We will have discussed, beforehand, the areas that you are most interested in exploring and examining and will therefore be lead in that direction.

The detail that you will receive, during this wonderful relaxing time, will however, be the most relevant information for you to gain knowledge from in the present time. This means that although you may feel you want to focus solely on career prospects your subconscious mind may feel that it is more beneficial for you to examine an area or issue of your life that is preventing you from living your true personal potential.


What Happens After A Session?

Having explored the possibilities of your future life you will return to normal, waking consciousness feeling more relaxed, confident and keen to start implementing the changes you saw clearly in your mind during the relaxation. These images will be realistic enough for you to clarify them as a memory, because you will have explored things that feel true to life, rather like in a dream state.

This experience will bring with it new insight and personal knowledge that you can link into during moments of stress or anxiety. This will encourage you to continually make progress towards the path that leads you to the future you have seen and experienced during Future Life Progression.

Remember your future is in your hands.

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