Past Life Regression Training

Past Life Regression Complete Training Program with videos & step by step scripts

Past Life Regression Training

Past Life Regression Training

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Past Life Regression Complete Training Program with videos & step by step scripts
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Since restrictions may have caused your business to struggle then this course is perfect for anyone who wishes to expand their clientele especially if your are a therapist.

Past Life Regressions can easily be run worldwide via Zoom or any video link you prefer.

Ideal for anyone that has interests in helping others look in to their past for information, also Healers, Spiritual Workers and Helpers.

If it's to enhance your portfolio to build a bigger customer base or to start out to help family or friends to experience their journeys then this is definitely for you!

This will teach you everything you need to know to be an expert in a few easy step by step lessons.

This course will help you to assist people to gain a personal spiritual enlightenment and to understand they are an eternal soul, who incarnates regularly to have experiences that leads to a greater understanding on who they are.

My name is Mark Hockey Dhp.Acc.Hyp and I began a career as a Supervisor and then Manager for a major glass replacement company in the UK for nearly 33 years, also a company spokes person, first aider and also part of their Mental Health Awareness Team.

I also worked for the Samaritans which opened my eyes to what was really going on out there in the world. I loved the Samaritans and become a trainer before moving from the UK to southern Spain where my wife and I run and a holistic business, which we started up years ago in the UK and kept it going over here too.

I began working with Hypnotherapy over the years, so I hold a Hypnotherapy diploma and have been professionally trained in clinical, suggestive and analytical Hypnotherapy as well as being a life coach.

This is where I found more passion to help others to resolve so many issues that were causing hold ups and restrictions in their lives.

By running Hypnotherapy sessions I have found for a long time now some issues date back to originally starting in a past life. This gave me more and more to work with to expand my knowledge of therapy with clients. I started regressing more and more clients back to past lives and found not only was I finding & resolving issues for people there but they were remembering that their journeys were so fascinating too.

Since then I have run 100's of hours of Past Life Regressions, where I have experienced so much which has helped me to put together this training program to help you run sessions for others from start to finish and feel confident with every step of the journey too.

That's when my interests in learning more about these journeys into the past got deeper and deeper and I started advertising to clients who wanted to experience a journey of who they were and where they once lived before their present life etc. I was astounded of how many people were so interested as well, and I began running these sessions more and more. I think in a four week period I completed over 60 sessions in just Past Life Regressions.

There's a big gap in the market for Past Life Regression and I have seen some charging over $500.00 just to sit in a group session of PLR and not giving that client an individual session.

So this course will give you all the information to becoming a Past Life Regressionist and with all the knowledge to be able to run them for your clients individually, and give them the best experience just for them.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to run a Past Life Regression for anyone anywhere in just one sitting. A Past Life Regression is a journey that whilst in a relaxed state takes you back through time to your previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in the subconscious mind. Through a past-life regression session it is possible to heal and grow in mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships.

There is an idea of reincarnation, also known as rebirth or transmigration that after death a person can be reborn into another body. This thought has existed through various religions for at least 3,000 years or more and in many ancient cultures too, such as Native American tribes and Norse mythology, Shamanism & Druidism. Reincarnation is a central belief of the Indian religions, namely Buddhism, most Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and also some varieties of Paganism.

A belief that each one of us proceeds through a series of lifetimes for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul development. Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly. As a therapy it has grown over the last 50 years or more to be an important addition to the healing arts.

Some people try past life regression simply out of curiosity to see who they were in the past.

What can PLR be used for.....

· Past Life Regression can help you to understand and experience certain traits you have in your present life.

· Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain locations.

· Identify physical ailments you may have, that could be remnants of a past life experiences.

· Explore where certain issues & emotions that have been carried through into this present lifetime.

· To find where beliefs, fears and phobias, which you have not been able to explain, have originated from.

· Bring back advice and helpful hints to assist in your present and future life by knowing certain lessons learned through those previous times.

· Meeting friends and relatives in those lives, even in different roles.

So many more people now believe in the terms from renewal, regeneration or reincarnation, so this is why we are open to past life regression.

Past Life Regression therapy has grown and expanded more since the mid 20th century.

In the western world, studies have shown that up to a third of people believe in re-embodiment.

Philosophers such as Orpheus, Plato, Pythagoras and Socrates all believed in reincarnation.

Past Lives of Famous People

Napoleon was Charlemagne

George S. Patton was a Perpetual Soldier

Salvador Dali was Saint John of The Cross

Sylvester Stallone was a victim of The French Revolution

Tina Turner was Queen Hatshepsut

Stevie Nicks was a Monk

John Lennon was Jesus Christ and Napoleon

There have been many books written about what past lives are and details of people’s experiences. I have run many 100’s of Past Life Regressions and each one is totally different to any other. I have some clients come back many times and go through different past lives, as we have had many, many past lives and each one can be earlier or later than the last one portrayed.

There is no time scale to which life the person goes back to first, it will normally be a life where an issue is causing a hold up or restrictions in their present life that will be prominent to experience. By going to a past life for this reason you will find it fascinating as you can help heal issues whilst you are there so that those triggers or symptoms don’t hold that person back in the present life.

I have witnessed many people experience very deep and detailed lives through their discoveries. I always remember one of my early PLR, a little elderly lady came for a session one day, she seemed frail, very kind hearted and spoke very quietly. We got into the regression very quickly and I started recording her descriptions of where she was and what was around her, details began to build very strongly and then I noticed her voice slightly deepened, it was clearer and louder for me to hear.

That was great but it turned out she was a drunken sailor that was once a smuggler some years before who liked to drink, shout and swear at people around her/him. I had to take a breath and ask myself was I really witnessing this complete change of character so strongly, but yes she went on for another 45 minutes or more discussing what ships she worked on, where she sailed to and from, where they stored their goods and how and where they sold them...

I found it so engrossing to listen to that I wanted to go on longer but time was against me as I had other clients booked in. When I explained to this lovely lady afterwards what come through, she was amazed as much as I was and intrigued to listen back to the recording I had given her as soon as she could.

The exciting thing about PLR is that you do not know who this person was, where they have lived and what purpose they had in that life before now. When their story unfolds you’ll find you can feel yourself there with them by asking the right questions and receiving detailed responses you’ll be guiding and helping them to witness everything they see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

Many clients whilst in their regression journey will move their arms and legs and even turn their head, they may open their eyes, show emotions, cry, shout, laugh and giggle through recalling certain parts in that past life. Remember they are there witnessing and experiencing a life they have once lived before.

Why do people want to experience this journey? Well each one I’ve asked its either I’ve always been interested in who I was, or where I lived etc. Some say they have read information on this subject, others have had friends or relatives enjoy a session and some do want to know where certain traits, ailments or issues have originated from. But for whatever reason, it’s good to be able to assist them back and for whatever reason. It’s their life they’ve lived before, so let them live it again as best they can.

Foreword of PLR

During a Past Life Spiritual Regression your client will not be asleep or in an unconscious state. Their mind will be alert and hear everything that is said to them, although they may not remember the whole complete session once they are fully awake and back in the present time but they will be given an audio recording to listen back to at their own pleasure.

Being in this relaxed state allows access to the subconscious mind; this is where all their past & future life memories are stored.

We can all go backwards or forwards in time, collecting information as we go, we look for any information to help like dates, places and names, many of our clients like to do the after session research and have found their past life character in investigating Google web sites.

They may discover information to help explain or resolve any soul connections or messages that no longer serve a purpose for them anymore. Traits concerning fears, habits, phobias, wealth, and health issues can be found in the past, causing conflicts and health problems in their present & future life. These can be resolved and no longer trigger anymore for them so they can live a better way of life.

So the concept of past life regression has become a very popular in society today. The idea of regressing to a past life in order to help progress, heal or even to better understand the present life is an amazing experience.

Reincarnation is the belief that man’s consciousness or soul survives death and returns to be reborn into many different physical bodies and lives onwards in order to learn and grow.

For the soul to truly evolve it will be required to experience many lives in various social classes and this in turn creates a balancing out method, which generates sympathetic recognition of all souls. The principle of karma is not to punish ourselves or others, but to learn and give our souls the opportunity to live in peace & harmony with each other and this fantastic universe.

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All our audio and document purchases are delivered in a "ZIP" format. Please follow the video instuctions below to enable easy extraction from the folder and then save to your desired location for easy listening or reading.

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