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Maradels Holistic Therapy

Maradels is a holistic healing practice run by Mark & Adele Hockey, a husband and wife team with a passion for helping people heal, mend and relax, mind, body and soul. 


Therapists Who Care

In order to provide you with the best experience, all treatments are carried out in our relaxing treatment room.  Every treatment and session is done in the strictest of confidence between us and the client and with all our treatments you will be fully clothed. We ask that if you have any questions or concerns to please contact us so we can put you at ease and make your experience with us as relaxed and calm as possible.

Treatment & Therapy List

  • Hypnotherapy  for Fears, Phobias, Anxiety & Depression etc
  • Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy
  • Gastric Band Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression with Hypnotherapy
  • Future Life Progression with Hypnotherapy
  • Kinesiology 
  • Allergy & Intolerance Testing through Kinesiology 
  • Energy Balance with Emotion Clearing & Goal Setting 
  • Usui & Angelic Reiki, also Distant Reiki
  • Personalised Sound & Energy Healing
  • Power Retrieval
  • Tarot/Oracle Card Readings
  • Workshops *

Please note that workshops will require a £20 deposit to secure a place.


Feedback and Reviews

I actually feel really good. Down to half a tablet daily which I am chuffed about. Eating better, sleeping better and lost half a stone in weight which is a nice boost.  I am surprised you and Marks ears haven’t been burning as I have mentioned you to a loads of people now. 

Hi Mark really good thanks. No cigarettes and my nails are lovely and long. . (Client for stopping smoking and nail biting)

I have found myself NOT snacking when I would normally snack , like in the evenings once in bed I’d get up and go and get something but I’ve not done that or felt the need to do that this week at all.  I’ve used sweeteners for a few years now but I’m finding that I’m not fancying so much tea or coffee either , I’ll have one in the morning before I go to work and not another one until I have my tea around 5.30 I'm drinking more water now for some reason at least 2 bottles a day instead.  I’m sure whatever was said is working due to my lack of snacking CS

I had the best evening having my cards read with Adele. Everything she said was absolutely spot on! I then had a hypnotherapy session with Mark, all I can say is WOW! I have listened back to the recording several times!! Thank you both so much. I can not recommend enough JE

I had anxiety and other probs but after one appointment ,the shakes have gone and im sleeping much better and have a more positive outlook on things. thankyou so much its good to laugh and smile again .NG

My friend and I both visited for last week for a psychic reading ... would certainly recommend. Thank you. JF

Cannot recommend Mark and Adele highly enough. Hypnotherapy at Maradels has helped me massively. JL

Had a session to help with stopping smoking and I found this has really helped would recommend to any one, felt very nervous at first but was soon put at my ease.MM

I love the daily cards you put on  your Facebook page every day. when you feel like you are going through some tough times and need a spiritual shove, these cards help you see through the fog that creeps into your everyday life and helps you see through. xxxx. I haven't tried any of the therapeutic treatments you have to offer yet but hope to soon. xxx BW

Lovely session, felt so relaxed. Adele put me at ease, definitely booking again.JE

I had kinesiology and allergy tests as I suffered with bloating and groin/tummy pains. Since finding out the results, now I know what my body needs and what it doesn’t like which has made my bloating go down and also the pains have gone!! Definitely recommend to anyone suffering similar symptoms HB

I had allergy testing and a correction with Adele a few weeks ago after suffering badly with Hayfever causing itchy irritated skin, I have had no problems since this treatment. I would definitely recommend to anyone.VW

Both Mark and Adele are fantastic at what they do, I would recommend their treatments to anyone, I have had 2 sessions now and I have felt brilliant after both times.  Its also good for you if you want to have some quality "me time" GB

Really helped me get through some stuff I had been dealing with, I would definitely recommend, its amazing, so relaxing and really friendly CS

I had power retrieval therapy at Maradels Holistic Therapy, with Adele..  I found it a very pleasant experience, first myself and Adele spoke of the people in my life that I wanted to take the power back from, people who had taken part of my soul through behaviour patterns that they put out to myself, we also spoke about what problems these people had caused to me throughout my life.  Once we had identified the people I wanted to take my power back from, in power retrieval therapy, Adele got to work, asking me to visualise each person that I wanted to take my power back from, then asked me in my mind to vision them, and say to them everything I ever wanted/needed to say to these people...Then after I had done this through my mind, I was asked to tell them that that I forgave them for their actions, again in my minds eye, then I visioned pink ball of energy, as the person handed my soul(power) back, I then placed the energy back into my soul, and have since felt a big difference to my attitude towards these people, and have since felt empowered, after taking my power back through power retrieval..  after this Adele took the time to talk to me afterwards, to talk me through the therapy I had just received.   I would fully recommend maradels holistic therapy to everyone considering  therapy.  Brilliant service and very genuine people that truly want to help other heal.  Thank you CR


 Feeling really good in myself really calm. I know u have helped because I was put in a situation at work and I dealt with it so calm and confident I was dead proud of myself. It's taking more for me to blow up but once I have that's it I'm back calm. My kids think you have made my crazy because I've been messing around dancing with music lol. Thank you it's nice to know that my smile is back lol. TM

I definitely felt better for getting it off my chest straight away. Thanks again Mark, you've made a world of difference to me GM

I do feel more confident like at school and stuff which is good 😁 and also have been drinking more water and sugar free squash instead of pop 😁 KL

Just a little update 

Felt very clear and no worries this morning, 

Went into Uxbridge and usually I’m a nervous wreck around people and just really anxious. 

Today it was so much better, like I wasn’t really paying attention to others, bought some new clothes from somewhere I’d not normally shop, 

So thank you, EM


Thanks mark. I'm good with the feeling better about heights. LW

Yes I am fine thank have not smoked at all yet get some craving but work them off MM

Feel like I am better in myself. Not had any panic attacks and dealing with negativity better. Successfully halved the meds now. Waiting a month before going down again to take the strain off my body.MC

Hi Mark really good thanks. No cigarettes and my nails are lovely and long. JC

Thanks for everything so far Mark, I feel much "lighter". Will be in touch soon JL

Mark Hockey really helped me with hypnotherapy. I can’t push the coffee with sugar button anymore and even though I’ve had an horrendous week losing Gemma not one sweet biscuit cake sugary item has passed my lips. No comfort eating whatsoever. IGV

 Hi Adele, You've been amazing with me and this last session has made me feel so much stronger so I'm thanking you again. AD


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