Power Retrieval - Cord Cutting

Power Retrieval is a treatment where you take back your power that has been lost and drained out of you to others through your life.

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Power Retrieval is a treatment where you take back your power that has been lost and drained out of you to others through your life. This can be through upsetting situations, arguments, bullying, relationships or trauma etc. that has caused you great upset and that still lingers within you.

You will need to give me a list, of up to 5 names in one session, of people that have put you through difficult, upsetting or traumatic times. I will then talk you through the process with each name on your list, these can be people that have passed over, people that you no longer see or people that are still very much in your life. You can give me a false name or code name if you wish their real name to be private, as long as you know who we are dealing with at each stage. It's a gentle but powerful way to put these situations behind you, cutting away the destruction and negativity that they have caused and leaving you in a more positive and stronger place.

Getting your power back can make you feel more confident to face day to day life situations that may have become difficult. Getting your confidence, power and inner strength back can change your life and the way you feel, it can give you more self esteem, giving you the power to achieve many things in life, it can be a life changing experience.

This treatment is carried out in the privacy of our relaxing therapy room or via video call. With most people it will take an hour, first you will have a client assessment and I will explain the process before hand so you're completely aware of what to expect and how the process works. You will then lay on the therapy couch where the treatment will take place. Please be aware this treatment is non intrusive and you will be fully clothed. After the power retrieval has taken place I will then give you a short Reiki session for healing. After the treatment you will be offered refreshment and a chance to discuss how you felt the treatment went for you.

This treatment is carried out by Adele and anything that is discussed is in the strictest of confidence and please be aware I do not need to know any of the situations to carry out this treatment if you wish them to be private.


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