Automatic Spirit Writing

Automatic writing is a psychic or parapsychological phenomenon

Automatic Script Writing

Automatic Spirit Writing


Automatic writing is a psychic or parapsychological phenomenon
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Automatic writing is a psychic or parapsychological phenomenon that enables a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The content of automatic writing is produced through paranormal means; i.e. it is from a supernatural source. Automatic writing as well as trance writing can often be found in spiritualist and Theosophical literature; however, automatic writing is also practiced in many other areas such as general magic, mediumship, experimental psychology, psychiatry and sociology.

Automatic writing involves the production of a message, either by a physical object (pencil/pen) without conscious intervention. Although the practice is often attributed to mediums and psychics, automatic writing is considered to be an automatic process and a psychic one.

It is also a form of channeling and generally involves writing down messages or information that the spiritualist feels are being communicated by another entity.

This form of channeling is where a spirit takes control of an individual's hand to produce an unknown script. Automatic writing is believed to be the activity of unconscious beings or spirits who are communicating with their loved ones. An automatic writer may or may not realise they are producing messages while they write.

Session last approx 60 mins

Face to face in our therapy room in Arboleas Spain or via Zoom

Video's from one of my clients in action channelling spirit of a 5yr old girl and 13yr old boy.


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Tarot & Oracle Reading

I use the cards as a tool to connect with spirit and it will be the spirit world that shows me what the cards are saying for you personally.

Intolerance Correction

Tapping of the body's meridian energy points we can see if the body will except the correction and then go about putting that correction into place.

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