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33 actions to Raise Your Energy
Raising Your Vibrations

29,99 £

A powerful hypnotherapy issue releasing session
Hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular alternative therapy that works at the root of many problems.

19,99 £

Automatic Spirit Writing
Automatic writing is a psychic or parapsychological phenomenon

45,00 £

Deep Chakra Healing
In this session you will be clearing and energising 8 of the bodies chakras on a deep level. Firstly I will guide you into a grounding and protective meditation. Once in a relaxed state we will be concentrating on each chakra in turn, where I will then guide you through clearing and releasing any lower […]

40,00 £

Emotional Energy Clearing
With each emotion comes energy because everything is made of energy, some of the lower, denser emotions can leave a lower vibrational energy that can get stuck as its not in flow with the frequency at the rest of your body's vibration. With this treatment using Kinesiology muscle testing I can find out quickly which […]

30,00 £

Enhanced Reiki
Reiki-Energy Healing is changing. I have found that as the energy frequency of the planet is rising, creating a rise in our energy vibration, so is what I am being guided to do and use in the healing sessions I give. I have been attuned and trained in both Usui and Angelic Reiki. Everyone is […]

30,00 £

Future Life Progression Session
Future Life Progression Session

65,00 £

Future Life Progression Training
Training with video and step by step scripts

Original price was: 350,00 £.Current price is: 295,00 £.

Future Life Progression Training +
Future Life Progression is a therapeutic technique that helps individuals explore their future lives and gain insights into their potential paths.

39,95 £

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